Read txt files in google colab using google drive


I would like to read txt files using google drive.

In my google drive I have a dataset into this folder
‘/content/gdrive/My Drive/DATASETS/DOXES/*.txt’
the data looks like this
enter image description here

1) For some reason I cannot see in the ending of names the txt, is that a problem?

2) I would like to read this texts in google colab, I have done the following but it;s not working

from google.colab import drive

# Import dataset from google drive
dataset_filepaths = glob.glob('/content/gdrive/My Drive/DATASETS/DOXES/') 

print('dataset_filepaths:', len(dataset_filepaths))
> 1

Updated: Thank you so much @Corralien for your help!
I did the following to read the files

for filepath in tqdm.tqdm(dataset_filepaths):
  f = open(filepath, "r")

Which is working well, is there any way to create a pandas with all these txt files?

Asked By: John Angelopoulos



You have to use the wildcard to list files (and not directory):

# You can also use *.txt instead of *
txt_files = glob.glob('/content/gdrive/My Drive/DATASETS/DOXES/*')  # <- HERE

for filename in txt_files:
    # do stuff here


Is there any way to create a pandas with all these txt files?

dfs = []
for filepath in tqdm.tqdm(dataset_filepaths):
    df = pd.read_csv(filepath)
out = pd.concat(dfs, axis=0)
Answered By: Corralien
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