How to stop websocket.WebSocketApp logs being generated


I am using the websocket.WebSocketApp to send and receive messages on websocket.
I am able to run the application and can send and receive messages.

but wherever I received or send any message many logs are getting generated as shown below.

++Sent raw: b'x82xfex05Xx'
++Rcv raw: b'x81p my message'
++Sent decoded: fin=1 opcode=2 data=b'fn5+fn5+fn5+fn5+fn5'
++Rcv decoded: fin=1 opcode=1 data=b'my message'
++Sent raw: b'x82xfex05XQaxabx0f~x17x9c$~'
++Sent raw: b

How can I stop these logs being generated?
These logs are from websockt library

Asked By: SSK



Passing False to enableTrace stopped all the trace level logs.


Thank you @Jyotirmay for you comment

Answered By: SSK
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