How to insert all rows from JSON_Object to SQL Table using Python


I am new to Python and APIs. Data is a result of API response.

I have a json_object like below.

json_object = json.dumps(data,indent=2) 

which has data like below. I successfully connected to SQL server localhost using pymssql but I need help in extracting all the rows from this json to sql table (Table_A).

I tried referring various posts but they are selecting the individual columns from json. But I may have 20 plus columns from json result. So assume that I have a table with all those 20+ columns (Table A).

How to send this data to ms sql server?

    "Key": "ITSAMPLE-8142",
    "Summary": "Test Issue,Data.Analystz.111,Data.Analystz.111",
    "Status": "Open"
    "Key": "ITSAMPLE-8141",
    "Summary": "Test Issue,Data.Analystz.111,Data.Analystz.111",
    "Status": "Open"
Asked By: Vijay



You can use the pandas library to convert the JSON object into a DataFrame and then insert the DataFrame into your SQL Server database using pymssql.

Try this,

import pandas as pd
import pymssql

# Convert JSON object to DataFrame
df = pd.read_json(json_object)

# Connect to SQL Server database
conn = pymssql.connect(

# Insert DataFrame into SQL Server table
df.to_sql('Table_A', conn, if_exists='append', index=False)

# Close the database connection

Here, if_exists='append' specifies that the data should be appended to the existing Table_A table in the database. If the table doesn’t exist yet, it will be created. index=False specifies that the index column of the DataFrame should not be included in the database table & you may need to adjust the connection parameters (server, user, password, and database) according to your specific SQL Server setup.

Answered By: iamkw97