How we can set table properties for delta table in pyspark using DeltaTable API


Below is the code that I am trying in PySpark

from delta import DeltaTable

delta_table = DeltaTable.forPath(spark, delta_table_path)
delta_table.logRetentionDuration = "interval 1 days"

After this do we need to save this config or it will be applicable automatically. How we can check what is current logRetentionDuration set for table.
I tried below to get properties info


But it return empty {}

Asked By: YOGESH



Use Spark SQL:

spark.sql("ALTER TABLE delta.`pathtodeltatable` SET TBLPROPERTIES ('delta.logRetentionDuration'='1 days')")
spark.sql("DESCRIBE DETAIL delta.`pathtodeltatablepath`").show(truncate=False)

Under the "properties" column you can see the log retention duration of the specified delta table.

Note: If the retention period was not set properly, the above SQL command returns {} in the properties column.

Answered By: arudsekaberne
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