What is the name of this widget used in customtkinter


I am looking for a specific widget in CustomTkinter. However, I’m unable to find it’s name and how to use it to make GUI. Please help me identify this widgets

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Asked By: islam



The widgets contained in the scrollable frame here are just frame that contain a button and a label.

You can see their creation in the add_item function:

def add_item(self, name, icon):
        """ add new package to the list """
        self.item_frame[name] = customtkinter.CTkFrame(self.scrollable_frame)
        self.item_frame[name].pack(expand=True, fill="x", padx=5, pady=5)

        if icon == "tk":
            icon = self.tkimage
        elif icon == "ctk":
            icon = self.ctkimage
        elif icon == "pkg":
            icon = self.packageimage
            icon = None

        self.item_frame[name].columnconfigure(0, weight=1)
        item_name = customtkinter.CTkButton(self.item_frame[name], fg_color="transparent", image=icon,
                                            height=50, anchor="w", font=(self.font, 15, "bold"), width=500,
                                            text=name, hover=False,
                                            command=lambda: threading.Thread(target=self.open_info_window, args=(name,),
        item_name.grid(row=0, column=0, sticky="ew", pady=5, padx=5)

        if self.data[name]["name"] in self.modules:
            version = pkg_resources.get_distribution(self.data[name]["name"]).version
            desc = f"{self.data[name]['desc']} nversion: {version}"
            self.data[name]["installation"] = f"{self.data[name]['installation']} --upgrade"
            desc = f"{self.data[name]['desc']} "

        item_label = customtkinter.CTkLabel(self.item_frame[name], width=250, justify="left", text=desc, anchor="w",
        item_label.grid(row=0, column=1, padx=5)

If you want to use these widgets, I think you should not copy their code and just create your own because it might not be optimised for your project.

Hope I helped you, have a nice day.

Answered By: fastattack

It may be a button with hover disabled. I was making something like this earlier.

If you are referring to the names written in the boxes, like CTkMessageBox, CTkTable, CTkTooltip etcetera, they are made by a user Akascape on Github, StackOverflow. To use those widgets, download their source code and paste the folder into the same folder where you are coding.

Answered By: IAMATP On Scratch