How to give delay between each requests in scrapy?


I don’t want to crawl simultaneously and get blocked. I would like to send one request per second.

Asked By: nizam.sp



There is a setting for that:


Default: 0

The amount of time (in secs) that the downloader should wait before
downloading consecutive pages from the same website. This can be used
to throttle the crawling speed to avoid hitting servers too hard.

DOWNLOAD_DELAY = 0.25    # 250 ms of delay

Read the docs:

Answered By: warvariuc

You can also set ‘download_delay’ attribute on spider if you don’t want a global download delay. See

Answered By: Mikhail Korobov
class S(Spider):
    rate = 1

    def __init__(self):
        self.download_delay = 1/float(self.rate)

rate sets a maximum amount of pages could be downloaded in one second.

Answered By: Yan.Zero

Delays Can we set in 2 says:-

We can specify the delay while running the crawler.
Eg. scrapy crawl sample –set DOWNLOAD_DELAY=3 ( which means 3 seconds delay between two requests)

Or else we can specify Globaly in the

by default scrapy takes 0.25 seconds delay between 2 requests.

Answered By: Niranjan Sagar

if you want to keep a download delay of exactly one second, setting DOWNLOAD_DELAY=1 is the way to do it.

But scrapy also has a feature to automatically set download delays called AutoThrottle. It automatically sets delays based on load of both the Scrapy server and the website you are crawling. This works better than setting an arbitrary delay.

Read further about this on
I’ve crawled more than 100 domains and not been blocked with AutoThrottle turned on

Answered By: Jeff P Chacko

Beside DOWNLOAD_DELAY, you can also use AUTOTHROTTLE feature of scrapy,

It changes delay amount between requests depending on settings file. If you set 1 for both start and max delay, it will wait 1 second in each request.

It’s original purpose is to vary delay time so detection of your bot will be harder.

You just need to set it in as follows:

Answered By: Mehmet Kurtipek
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