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I am trying to do some stuff with siemens PLC using OPENOPC using python. I am wondering how I will get OPC server that I can communicate using PYOPC. Is there any open OPC server available or am I not understanding some of the key concepts here? Since I am a newbie, I hope to get some down-to-earth suggestions.

Asked By: Jack_of_All_Trades



You can install some tryout opc servers. google opc simulation. The python OpenOPC client is what i try to use.

My problems was that I did not have a plc on my desk. You need a plc on your desk connected to your actual siemens s7 engineering station to have the siemens opc server show the tags in the plc.

Answered By: Stephan

I use a Kepware OPC that is running in demo mode to connect to real PLC hardware. The only issue is that I must restart the computer every two hours to reset the demo license.

For simulations I use the Matrikon OPC simulation server

Answered By: Chris
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