how to get around "Single '}' encountered in format string" when using .format and formatting in printing


I am currently trying to print a tabulated format (using left alignment and padding) for headings in a table however I keep getting the following error.

ValueError: Single '}' encountered in format string

Here’s the line:

print("{0}:<15}{1}:<15}{2}:<8}".format("1", "2", "3"))

Required output is something along the lines of:

1              2              3        

I’ve tried duplicating the { } as advised here but received no luck.

I am probably missing something incredibly obvious however after staring at it for ages, I cannot see it. After all, what’s the harm in asking?


Asked By: PCJonathan




>>> print("{0}:<15}}{1}:<15}}{2}:<8}}".format("1", "2", "3"))

Edit: Now I understand you. Do this:

print("{0:<15}{1:<15}{2:<8}".format("1", "2", "3"))


Answered By: user647772

Use }}:

>>> "{0}:<15}}{1}:<15}}{2}:<8}}".format("1", "2", "3")
Answered By: Fred Foo

The { and } characters need to be escaped where they’re not part of the formatting template.

Try: print("{0}:<15}}{1}:<15}}{2}:<8}}".format("1", "2", "3"))

Outputs: 1:<15}2:<15}3:<8}

Answered By: WaffleSouffle

You can also use Variables to do that. lenmax = the max number of space needed, and op = the var i want to format with (both vars need to be set first)

print(('{:>' + str(lenmax) + '}').format(op), end='tt')

Things to remember:

  • Parenthesis can be used.
  • you can’t concat ints so the var on the string must be transformed.
  • the end statement gives you Tab so you don’t have linejumps

hope works for someone.

Answered By: DofusCL
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