How to load a tsv file into a Pandas DataFrame?


I’m trying to get a tsv file loaded into a pandas DataFrame.

This is what I’m trying and the error I’m getting:

>>> df1 = DataFrame(csv.reader(open('c:/~/trainSetRel3.txt'), delimiter='t'))

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<pyshell#28>", line 1, in <module>
    df1 = DataFrame(csv.reader(open('c:/~/trainSetRel3.txt'), delimiter='t'))
  File "", line 318, in __init__
    raise PandasError('DataFrame constructor not properly called!')
PandasError: DataFrame constructor not properly called!
Asked By: screechOwl



The .read_csv function does what you want:

pd.read_csv('c:/~/trainSetRel3.txt', sep='t')

If you have a header, you can pass header=0.

pd.read_csv('c:/~/trainSetRel3.txt', sep='t', header=0)

Note: Prior 17.0, pd.DataFrame.from_csv was used (it is now deprecated and the .from_csv documentation link redirects to the page for pd.read_csv).

Answered By: huon

Use pandas.read_table(filepath). The default separator is tab.

Answered By: Wes McKinney

As of 17.0 from_csv is discouraged.

Use pd.read_csv(fpath, sep='t') or pd.read_table(fpath).

Answered By: Kamil Sindi

open file, save as .csv and then apply

df = pd.read_csv('apps.csv', sep='t')

for any other format also, just change the sep tag

Answered By: ankit srivastava

Try this

df = pd.read_csv("rating-data.tsv",sep='t')

enter image description here

You actually need to fix the sep parameter.

Answered By: Mohsin Ashraf
df = pd.read_csv('filename.csv', sep='t', header=0)

You can load the tsv file directly into pandas data frame by specifying delimitor and header.

Answered By: Kofi
data = pd.read_csv('your_dataset.tsv', delimiter = 't', quoting = 3)

You can use a delimiter to separate data, quoting = 3 helps to clear quotes in datasst

Answered By: Đ.J vicky

Try this:

import pandas as pd
DataFrame = pd.read_csv("dataset.tsv", sep="t")
Answered By: peaceloving

use this

import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_fwf('xxxx.tsv')
Answered By: Emeka Boris Ama
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