How to print to stderr in Python?

How do I print to stderr in Python? Question: There are several ways to write to stderr: print >> sys.stderr, "spam" # Python 2 only. sys.stderr.write("spamn") os.write(2, b"spamn") from __future__ import print_function print("spam", file=sys.stderr) What are the differences between these methods? Which method should be preferred? Asked By: wim || Source Answers: import sys sys.stderr.write() …

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How to redirect stderr in Python?

How to redirect stderr in Python? Question: I would like to log all the output of a Python script. I tried: import sys log = [] class writer(object): def write(self, data): log.append(data) sys.stdout = writer() sys.stderr = writer() Now, if I “print ‘something’ ” it gets logged. But if I make for instance some syntax …

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print vs stderr

print vs stderr Question: Are there any specific advantages or disadvantages to either print or stderr? Asked By: Tyler || Source Answers: They’re just two different things. print generally goes to sys.stdout. It’s worth knowing the difference between stdin, stdout, and stderr – they all have their uses. In particular, stdout should be used for …

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