Python is a general purpose , high level , interpreted language with easy syntax and dynamic semantics .
It was created by Guido Van Rossum in 1989.

Why is Python Popular ?

Within the past decade , the number of python users has risen drastically. In fact , the popularity of Python has dethroned the likes of C and C++. Python has a very
simple syntax , it has vast applications and a huge community of developers who are commited to make it better.

why is python popular?

Where Is Python Used In The Industry?

The uses of python differ in their complexity. It can be used for very complex things that includes machine learning and artificial intelligence
or it can be used to deploy a single page web application using flask within minutes. Uses of python by some of the biggest tech companies are mentioned below :

Google uses python to provide better search results.
Dropbox’s client and server application are written using python.
Netflix uses machine learning to cluster users based on their interest on shows and retain them for longer.
Scientific calculations are performed using python.
Bittorent which is used for Transfer of files between peer-to-peer started out as a normal python file.
Instagram is known to be running the world’s largest deployment of the Django web framework, which is written entirely in Python.
Career Opportunities
Web Development
Game Development
Big Data
Web Testing
Data Science
IOT Devices
Software Developer
Automation engineer
” Hello, World! “

Let us begin our journey in python with a simple ” Hello, World! ” program.