Reading an Excel file in python using pandas


I am trying to read an excel file this way :

newFile = pd.ExcelFile(PATHFileName.xlsx)
ParsedData =

which throws an error that says two arguments expected, I don’t know what the second argument is and also what I am trying to achieve here is to convert an Excel file to a DataFrame, Am I doing it the right way? or is there any other way to do this using pandas?

Asked By: Rakesh Adhikesavan



Close: first you call ExcelFile, but then you call the .parse method and pass it the sheet name.

>>> xl = pd.ExcelFile("dummydata.xlsx")
>>> xl.sheet_names
[u'Sheet1', u'Sheet2', u'Sheet3']
>>> df = xl.parse("Sheet1")
>>> df.head()
                  Tid  dummy1    dummy2    dummy3    dummy4    dummy5  
0 2006-09-01 00:00:00       0  5.894611  0.605211  3.842871  8.265307   
1 2006-09-01 01:00:00       0  5.712107  0.605211  3.416617  8.301360   
2 2006-09-01 02:00:00       0  5.105300  0.605211  3.090865  8.335395   
3 2006-09-01 03:00:00       0  4.098209  0.605211  3.198452  8.170187   
4 2006-09-01 04:00:00       0  3.338196  0.605211  2.970015  7.765058   

     dummy6  dummy7    dummy8    dummy9  
0  0.623354       0  2.579108  2.681728  
1  0.554211       0  7.210000  3.028614  
2  0.567841       0  6.940000  3.644147  
3  0.581470       0  6.630000  4.016155  
4  0.595100       0  6.350000  3.974442  

What you’re doing is calling the method which lives on the class itself, rather than the instance, which is okay (although not very idiomatic), but if you’re doing that you would also need to pass the sheet name:

>>> parsed =, "Sheet1")
>>> parsed.columns
Index([u'Tid', u'dummy1', u'dummy2', u'dummy3', u'dummy4', u'dummy5', u'dummy6', u'dummy7', u'dummy8', u'dummy9'], dtype=object)
Answered By: DSM

Thought i should add here, that if you want to access rows or columns to loop through them, you do this:

import pandas as pd

# open the file
xlsx = pd.ExcelFile("PATHFileName.xlsx")

# get the first sheet as an object
sheet1 = xlsx.parse(0)
# get the first column as a list you can loop through
# where the is 0 in the code below change to the row or column number you want    
column = sheet1.icol(0).real

# get the first row as a list you can loop through
row = sheet1.irow(0).real


The methods icol(i) and irow(i) are deprecated now. You can use sheet1.iloc[:,i] to get the i-th col and sheet1.iloc[i,:] to get the i-th row.

Answered By: Dr Manhattan

This is much simple and easy way.

import pandas
df = pandas.read_excel(open('your_xls_xlsx_filename','rb'), sheetname='Sheet 1')
# or using sheet index starting 0
df = pandas.read_excel(open('your_xls_xlsx_filename','rb'), sheetname=2)

Check out documentation full details.

FutureWarning: The sheetname keyword is deprecated for newer Pandas versions, use sheet_name instead.

Answered By: Murali Mopuru

I think this should satisfy your need:

import pandas as pd

# Read the excel sheet to pandas dataframe
df = pd.read_excel("PATHFileName.xlsx", sheet_name=0) #corrected argument name
Answered By: Ajay Sant

You just need to feed the path to your file to pd.read_excel

import pandas as pd

file_path = "./my_excel.xlsx"
data_frame = pd.read_excel(file_path)

Checkout the documentation to explore parameters like skiprows to ignore rows when loading the excel

Answered By: ted
import pandas as pd

data = pd.read_excel (r'**YourPath**.xlsx')

print (data)
Answered By: Suthura Sudharaka

Here is an updated method with syntax that is more common in python code. It also prevents you from opening the same file multiple times.

import pandas as pd

sheet1, sheet2 = None, None
with pd.ExcelFile("PATHFileName.xlsx") as reader:
    sheet1 = pd.read_excel(reader, sheet_name='Sheet1')
    sheet2 = pd.read_excel(reader, sheet_name='Sheet2')

Answered By: Quinn

Loading an excel file without explicitly naming a sheet but instead giving the number of the sheet order (often one will simply load the first sheet) goes like:

import pandas as pd
myexcel = pd.ExcelFile("C:/filename.xlsx")
myexcel = myexcel.parse(myexcel.sheet_names[0])

Since .sheet_names returns a list of sheet names, it is easy to load one or more sheets by simply calling the list element(s).

Answered By: Peter

All of these works for me

In [1]: import pandas as pd

In [2]: df = pd.read_excel('FileName.xlsx') # If there is only one sheet in the excel file

In [3]: df = pd.read_excel('FileName.xlsx', sheet_name=0)

In [4]: In [20]: df = pd.read_excel('FileName.xlsx', sheet_name='Sheet 1')
Answered By: Hariprasad

#load pandas library

import pandas as pd

#set path where the file is

path = "./myfile.xlsx"

#load the file into dataframe df

df = pd.read_excel(path)

#check the first 5 rows


Answered By: Kon Li
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