How to get the first 2 letters of a string in Python?


Let’s say I have a string

str1 = "TN 81 NZ 0025" 
two = first2(str1)
print(two)  # -> TN

How do I get the first two letters of this string? I need the first2 function for this.

Asked By: Ufoguy



It is as simple as string[:2]. A function can be easily written to do it, if you need.

Even this, is as simple as

def first2(s):
    return s[:2]
Answered By: ShinTakezou

Heres what the simple function would look like:

def firstTwo(string):
    return string[:2]
Answered By: andyzinsser

For completeness: Instead of using def you could give a name to a lambda function:

first2 = lambda s: s[:2]
Answered By: Thorsten Kranz

In general, you can get the characters of a string from i until j with string[i:j].

string[:2] is shorthand for string[0:2]. This works for lists as well.

Learn about Python’s slice notation at the official tutorial

Answered By: stewSquared

In python strings are list of characters, but they are not explicitly list type, just list-like (i.e. it can be treated like a list). More formally, they’re known as sequence (see

>>> a = 'foo bar'
>>> isinstance(a, list)
>>> isinstance(a, str)

Since strings are sequence, you can use slicing to access parts of the list, denoted by list[start_index:end_index] see Explain Python's slice notation . For example:

>>> a = [1,2,3,4]
>>> a[0]
1 # first element, NOT a sequence.
>>> a[0:1]
[1] # a slice from first to second, a list, i.e. a sequence.
>>> a[0:2]
[1, 2]
>>> a[:2]
[1, 2]

>>> x = "foo bar"
>>> x[0:2]
>>> x[:2]

When undefined, the slice notation takes the starting position as the 0, and end position as len(sequence).

In the olden C days, it’s an array of characters, the whole issue of dynamic vs static list sounds like legend now, see Python List vs. Array – when to use?

Answered By: alvas

All previous examples will raise an exception in case your string is not long enough.

Another approach is to use

This will give you first 100 chars.
You might get a shorter string in case your string last chars are spaces.

Answered By: Julien Kieffer
t = "your string"

Play with the first N characters of a string with

def firstN(s, n=2):
    return s[:n]

which is by default equivalent to

Answered By: J. Doe
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