Create a PyCharm configuration that runs a module a la "python -m foo"


My python entrypoint needs to be run as a module (not a script), as in:

python -m

The following does not work (and is not supposed to):

python foo/

How can I create a run confirguration in pycharm that runs my code using the first invokation above?

Asked By: Alex Flint



According to man python, the -m option

-m module-name
Searches sys.path for the named module and runs the corresponding .py file as a script.

So most of the time you can just right-click on in the Project tool window and select Run bar.

If you really need to use the -m option, then specify it as an Interpreter option, with the module name as the Script in the Edit Configurations dialog:

enter image description here

Answered By: andrewdotn

There is a workaround I use for my scripts, which do use relative imports.

python -m actually invokes a script called which is part of a standard Python installation. These two invocations are equivalent:

python -m my_module.a.b module_arguments
python python_lib_directory/ my_module.a.b module_arguments

Use the latter method to setup your Run/Debug Configuration:

Script: python_lib_directory/

Script parameters: my_module.a.b module_arguments

Interpreter options: (leave blank, no -m required)

Answered By: J. R. Petrus

In PyCharm 2016 specifying -m without a script path doesn’t work, as they use a wrapper script that doesn’t accept the -m argument.

Here’s my solution, which works for run & debug configurations:

Edit: I just read J. R. Petrus’s comment, and my solution is very similar. BTW I also tried to support proper entry points using pkg_resources, but for some reason pkg_resources.load_entry_point() could not find my project’s distribution…

Answered By: Amnon Grossman

IntelliJ IDEA / PyCharm 2017

Field “Script” is optional in the recent versions of JetBrains IDEs. Specifying -m in “Script parameters” is enough:

enter image description here

Answered By: Anton Tarasenko

In 2018.1 it is finally possible to specify the module name instead of the script path in the UI. There is a dropdown for changing it, to the left of the input field.

PyCharm Run Configuration

Answered By: chugreevd
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