Download python package with dependencies without installing


I need to download a python package with all its dependencies without installing, sneaker-net it to a computer without connection to the internet, and install it there. For example, I want to install buildbot, lettuce, etc.

The computer is a Windows 7 machine, using Python 2.7.
If the package has native extensions, I can build them on the computer.

Asked By: dkrikun



You can use pip, with the --download option, which will download the main package and its dependencies, without installing them.

pip install --download="/path/to/downloaded/files" sneaker-net

And use these files one the local machine with:

pip install --no-index --find-links=<DIR on local machine> sneaker-net

See pip documentation --download for fast & local installs. You can use pip on Windows with cygwin for example.

Answered By: Maxime Lorant