Can not get mysql-connector-python to install in virtualenv


I’m using Amazon Linux AMI release 2013.09. I’ve install virtualenv and after activation then I run pip install mysql-connector-python, but when I run my app I get an error: ImportError: No module named mysql.connector. Has anyone else had trouble doing this? I can install it outside of virtualenv and my script runs without issues. Thanks in advance for any help!

Asked By: slim



Several things. There is an inconsistency in package naming so you may want to do:

pip search mysql-connector

to find out what it is called on your platform. I got two results mysql-connector-python and mysql-connector-repackaged.

so try this first:

pip install mysql-connector-python

this may additionally give an error like this:

Some externally hosted files were ignored (use 
    --allow-external mysql-connector-python to allow).

so finally this should do the job:

pip install mysql-connector-python --allow-external mysql-connector-python
Answered By: Kinjal Dixit

Solution I found:

sudo pip install mysql-connector-python-rf

If you see this error: option --single-version-externally-managed not recognized, try this:

sudo pip install --egg mysql-connector-python-rf
Answered By: George Chalhoub

try my answer here. Though i meant it for Python3, u can just modify the command python3->python to make it work for python2

Answered By: SanD

I’ve battled with this and tried upgrading pip and setuptools but actually it seems all you need to do is:

sudo pip install virtualenv --upgrade

Once you’ve upgraded virtualenv, create a new virtual environment, activate it and try installing with:

pip install

(you might need to update the url, but that’s the current one)

Answered By: DenisH

I have managed to overcome this problem by entering mysql-connector-python package URL, taken from MySQL page, directly to the requirements file, instead of dependency name.

My requirements file looks like this:


After creating virtualenv and switching into it I am executing

$ pip install -r ./requirements

And pip is doing the rest of the work, i.e., downloading, extracting and installing.

Answered By: wpodgorski
pip install mysql-connector

This worked for me!

Answered By: prashanth

I’d like to add that

sudo easy_install mysql-connector

worked for me after pip kept crashing no matter what I did.

Answered By: slim

I was facing the similar issue. My env details –
Python 2.7.11
pip 9.0.1
CentOS release 5.11 (Final)

Error on python interpreter –

>>> import mysql.connector
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
ImportError: No module named mysql.connector

Use pip to search the available module –

$ pip search mysql-connector | grep --color mysql-connector-python

mysql-connector-python-rf (2.2.2)        - MySQL driver written in Python
mysql-connector-python (2.0.4)           - MySQL driver written in Python

Install the mysql-connector-python-rf –

$ pip install mysql-connector-python-rf


$ python
Python 2.7.11 (default, Apr 26 2016, 13:18:56)
[GCC 4.1.2 20080704 (Red Hat 4.1.2-54)] on linux2
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> import mysql.connector
Answered By: Rishi


pip install mysql-connector-python-rf

worked for me in my pyenv python version 2.7.12 and pip version 9.0.1.

Answered By: Thomas Ducrot

Also something that can go wrong: Don’t name your own module mysql

import mysql.connector will fail because the import gives the module in the project precedence over site packages and yours likely doesnt have a file.

Answered By: Mario

I just had the same problem and none of the solutions below worked. Some was already installed and the last one returned me an error:

    pip install mysql-connector
    pip install mysql-connector-python
    pip install mysql-connector-python-rf

It looks like all I had to do was run the code in a different IDLE version, moving from 3.6 to 3.7.
Before doing that, I also used the windows repair installation tool in two different python versions I have installed.

Sometimes the simplest solutions work. Good luck

Answered By: Youki

It works for me!

pip install mysql-connector-python-rf

If you get the error, install the latest version of setuptools and wheel:

pip install -U setuptools
pip install -U wheel
Answered By: pinple

Make sure that you’ve installed the mysql connector from within the venv.
In VSCode, what worked for me is I selected the venv interpreter as the python interpreter.

Answered By: Yohannes Fikre

You can download official connector from here

Choose Platform independent version.

Unzip and cd to the folder.

run sudo -H python3 install from your environment.


Answered By: Eugen
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