How to clear variables in ipython?


Sometimes I rerun a script within the same ipython session and I get bad surprises when variables haven’t been cleared. How do I clear all variables?
And is it possible to force this somehow every time I invoke the magic command %run?

Asked By: grasshopper



%reset seems to clear defined variables.

Answered By: aisbaa

EDITED after @ErdemKAYA comment.

To erase a variable, use the magic command:

%reset_selective <regular_expression>

The variables that are erased from the namespace are the one matching the given <regular_expression>.


%reset_selective -f a 

will erase all the variables containing an a.

Instead, to erase only a and not aa:

In: a, aa = 1, 2
In: %reset_selective -f "^a$"
In: a  # raise NameError
In: aa  # returns 2

see as well %reset_selective? for more examples and for a regex tutorial.

To erase all the variables in the namespace see:

Answered By: SeF

Adding the following lines to a new script will clear all variables each time you rerun the script:

from IPython import get_ipython
get_ipython().magic('reset -sf') 

To make life easy, you can add them to your default template.

In Spyder: Tools>Preferences>Editor>Edit template

Answered By: Carl

In iPython you can remove a single variable like this:

del x
Answered By: Joop

An quit option in the Console Panel will also clear all variables in variable explorer

*** Note that you will be loosing all the code which you have run in Console Panel

Answered By: Sirish

I tried

%reset -f

and cleared all the variables and contents without prompt. -f does the force action on the given command without prompting for yes/no.

Wish this helps.. 🙂

Answered By: Babu K.M.

Apart from the methods mentioned earlier. You can also use the command del to remove multiple variables

del variable1,variable2
Answered By: Devarshi Mandal

The get_ipython().magic() method raises a DeprecationWarning in ipython 8.1. Here is the new version of Carl‘s answer

 from IPython import get_ipython
 get_ipython().run_line_magic('reset', '-sf')

Add these lines to a file you are editing. Then at the ipython command prompt you can type,

Answered By: chubb
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