Can Cython compile to an EXE?


I know what Cythons purpose is. It’s to write compilable C extensions in a Python-like language in order to produce speedups in your code. What I would like to know (and can’t seem to find using my google-fu) is if Cython can somehow compile into an executable format since it already seems to break python code down into C.

I already use Py2Exe, which is just a packager, but am interested in using this to compile down to something that is a little harder to unpack (Anything packed using Py2EXE can basically just be extracted using 7zip which I do not want)

It seems if this is not possible my next alternative would just be to compile all my code and load it as a module and then package that using py2exe at least getting most of my code into compiled form, right?

Asked By: ThantiK



In principal it appears to be possible to do something like what you want, according to the Embedding Pyrex HOWTO. (Pyrex is effectively a previous generation of Cython.)

Hmm… that name suggests a better search than I first tried: “embedding cython” leads to this page which sounds like what you want.

Answered By: Peter Hansen

Here’s the wiki page on embedding cython

Assuming you installed python to C:Python31 and you want to use Microsoft Compiler. – is the file you want to compile.

test.exe – name of the executable.

You need to set the environmental variables for cl.

C:Python31python.exe --embed

cl.exe  /nologo /Ox /MD /W3 /GS- /DNDEBUG -Ic:Python31include -Ic:Python31PC /Tcsmalltest1.c /link /OUT:"test.exe" /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE /MACHINE:X86 /LIBPATH:c:Python31libs /LIBPATH:c:Python31PCbuild
Answered By: Aftershock

Aftershock’s answer is good, what I want to say is about run app without console. Most like Aftershock’s answer, if you want your application run without console, two points are important:

  1. Replace all the main() function in the “.c” file made by cython --embed with wmain()

  2. Add /subsystem:windows /entry:wmainCRTStartup to the end of cl.exe ... command

Answered By: longgangfan

I have successfully used the Cython & gcc to convert the *.py file to *.exe, with below batch file:

# build.bat
set PYTHON_DIR=C:python27
%PYTHON_DIR%python -m cython --embed -o %PROJECT_NAME%.c
gcc -Os -I %PYTHON_DIR%include -o %PROJECT_NAME%.exe %PROJECT_NAME%.c -lpython27 -lm -L %PYTHON_DIR%libs
Answered By: PANDA
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