Installing virtualenvwrapper on Windows


I’ve installed virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper on Windows using easy_install. But mkvirtualenv is missing. I tried to search on my machine but I couldn’t find it. I don’t know how to solve it. Do you have any idea?

Asked By: pocoa



mkvirtualenv is a bash script so you need to run bash shell to make use of it.

mkvirtualenv is a bash function in the mkvirtualenv_bashrc script

You will need to run this from cygwin under Windows. (You can call a native python from this and not need a cygwin python)

Answered By: mmmmmm

virtualenvwrapper is for Linux/Unix, but this post gives some virtualenv support for Windows users (Bitbucket source is here).

Answered By: Vinay Sajip

I’ve ported virtualenvwrapper to Powershell. Grab it from the BitBucket repo!

Answered By: guillermooo

virtualenv helpers for Windows command shell:

Answered By: ColdCold

In windows we need to use virtualenv not mkvirtualenv while creating virtual environments

Answered By: M Kamakshaiah

What worked for me (speaking in 2021) is the following:

  1. Clone the virtualenvwrapper-powershell git repo
  2. Navigate to the folder "virtualenvwrapper-powershell"
  3. Open PowerShell there, if you haven’t navigated there via PowerShell itself, and execute the command ./Install.ps1
  4. Restart PowerShell and that’s it: you should see a success message like "Virtual Env Wrapper for Powershell activated"
Answered By: Andreas L.