How can strings be concatenated?


How to concatenate strings in python?

For example:

Section = 'C_type'

Concatenate it with Sec_ to form the string:

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The easiest way would be

Section = 'Sec_' + Section

But for efficiency, see:

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To concatenate strings in python you use the “+” sign


Answered By: Steve Robillard

Use + for string concatenation as:

section = 'C_type'
new_section = 'Sec_' + section
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you can also do this:

section = "C_type"
new_section = "Sec_%s" % section

This allows you not only append, but also insert wherever in the string:

section = "C_type"
new_section = "Sec_%s_blah" % section
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More efficient ways of concatenating strings are:


Very efficent, but a bit hard to read.

>>> Section = 'C_type'  
>>> new_str = ''.join(['Sec_', Section]) # inserting a list of strings 
>>> print new_str 
>>> 'Sec_C_type'

String formatting:

Easy to read and in most cases faster than ‘+’ concatenating

>>> Section = 'C_type'
>>> print 'Sec_%s' % Section
>>> 'Sec_C_type'
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Just a comment, as someone may find it useful – you can concatenate more than one string in one go:

>>> a='rabbit'
>>> b='fox'
>>> print '%s and %s' %(a,b)
rabbit and fox
Answered By: Juliusz

For cases of appending to end of existing string:

string = "Sec_"
string += "C_type"

results in

Answered By: Tom Howard
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