Printing test execution times and pinning down slow tests with py.test


I am running unit tests on a CI server using py.test. Tests use external resources fetched over network. Sometimes test runner takes too long, causing test runner to be aborted. I cannot repeat the issues locally.

Is there a way to make py.test print out execution times of (slow) test, so pinning down problematic tests become easier?

Asked By: Mikko Ohtamaa



I’m not sure this will solve your problem, but you can pass --durations=N to print the slowest N tests after the test suite finishes.

Use --durations=0 to print all.

Answered By: Bruno Oliveira

You can pass the number with --durations

pytest --durations=0 — Show all times for tests and setup and teardown

pytest --durations=1 — Just show me the slowest

pytest --durations=50 — Slowest 50, with times, … etc

Take refer in:


Answered By: Phuong
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