Pandas escape carriage return in to_csv


I have a string column that sometimes has carriage returns in the string:

import pandas as pd
from io import StringIO

datastring = StringIO("""
country  metric           2011   2012
USA      GDP              7      4
USA      Pop.             2      3
GB       GDP              8      7
df = pd.read_table(datastring, sep='ss+')
df.metric = df.metric + 'r'  # append carriage return

  country  metric  2011  2012
0     USA   GDPr     7     4
1     USA  Pop.r     2     3
2      GB   GDPr     8     7

When writing to and reading from csv, the dataframe gets corrupted:

df.to_csv('data.csv', index=None)

  country metric  2011  2012
0     USA    GDP   NaN   NaN
1     NaN      7     4   NaN
2     USA   Pop.   NaN   NaN
3     NaN      2     3   NaN
4      GB    GDP   NaN   NaN
5     NaN      8     7   NaN


What’s the best way to fix this? The one obvious method is to just clean the data first:

df.metric = df.metric.str.replace('r', '')
Asked By: Kamil Sindi



Specify the line_terminator:

print(pd.read_csv('data.csv', line_terminator='n'))

  country  metric  2011  2012
0     USA   GDPr     7     4
1     USA  Pop.r     2     3
2      GB   GDPr     8     7


In more recent versions of pandas (the original answer is from 2015) the name of the argument changed to lineterminator.

Answered By: Mike Müller

To anyone else who is dealing with such an issue:

@mike-müller’s answer doesn’t actually fix the issue, and the file is still corrupted when it is read by other CSV readers (e.g. Excel). You need to fix this once you write the file rather than while reading it.

The problem lies in not quoting strings having newline characters (r, n, or rn depending on the OS style). This will not keep the CSV reader (e.g. pandas, Excel, etc.) from parsing the newline characters and then it messes up the loaded CSV file into having multiple lines per unquoted records.

The generalized newline char in Python is rn as you strip string by these chars e.g. str.strip('rn'). This will make Python identify and cover all OS newline styles.

In pandas, reading CSV file by line_terminator='rn' wraps all strings having either n or r into double quotes to preserve quoting and keep readers from parsing newline chars later.

Just to provide the code:

pd.to_csv('data.csv', line_terminator='rn'))

Answered By: Shayan Amani

In my case, applying quoting=csv.QUOTE_ALL solved the issue.

import csv
pd.to_csv('some_data.csv', quoting=csv.QUOTE_ALL)
Answered By: John Prawyn
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