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I want to install the ‘rope’ package in my current active environment using conda. Currently, the following ‘rope’ versions are available:

(data_downloader)user@user-ThinkPad ~/code/data_downloader $ conda search rope
Using Anaconda Cloud api site
Fetching package metadata: ....
cached-property              1.2.0                    py27_0  defaults        
                             1.2.0                    py34_0  defaults        
                             1.2.0                    py35_0  defaults        
                             1.3.0                    py27_0  defaults        
                             1.3.0                    py34_0  defaults        
                             1.3.0                    py35_0  defaults        
rope                         0.9.4                    py26_0  defaults        
                             0.9.4                    py27_0  defaults        
                             0.9.4                    py33_0  defaults        
                             0.9.4                    py34_0  defaults        
                             0.9.4                    py26_1  defaults        
                             0.9.4                    py27_1  defaults        
                             0.9.4                    py33_1  defaults        
                             0.9.4                    py34_1  defaults        
                          .  0.9.4                    py35_1  defaults        

I would like to install the following one:

                         1.3.0                    py35_0  defaults        

I’ve tried all sorts of permutations of ‘conda install’ which I’m not going to list here because none of them are correct.

I am also not sure what the py35_0 is (I’m assuming this is the version of the python against which the package was built?) and I also don’t know what ‘defaults’ means?

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There is no version 1.3.0 for rope. 1.3.0 refers to the package cached-property. The highest available version of rope is 0.9.4.

You can install different versions with conda install package=version. But in this case there is only one version of rope so you don’t need that.

The reason you see the cached-property in this listing is because it contains the string "rope": “cached-p rope erty”

py35_0 means that you need python version 3.5 for this specific version. If you only have python3.4 and the package is only for version 3.5 you cannot install it with conda.

I am not quite sure on the defaults either. It should be an indication that this package is inside the default conda channel.

Answered By: Wombatz

To install a specific package:

conda install <pkg>=<version>


conda install matplotlib=1.4.3

For more complex expressions, the relation can be quoted:

conda install 'matplotlib>=1.4.3'

# or

conda install "matplotlib>=1.4.3"
Answered By: Chris

If any of these characters, ‘>’, ‘<‘, ‘|’ or ‘*’, are used, a single or double quotes must be used

conda install [-y] package">=version"
conda install [-y] package'>=low_version, <=high_version'
conda install [-y] "package>=low_version, <high_version"

conda install -y torchvision">=0.3.0"
conda install  openpyxl'>=2.4.10,<=2.6.0'
conda install "openpyxl>=2.4.10,<3.0.0"

where option -y, –yes Do not ask for confirmation.

Here is a summary:

Format         Sample Specification     Results
Exact          qtconsole==4.5.1         4.5.1
Fuzzy          qtconsole=4.5            4.5.0, 4.5.1, ..., etc.
>=, >, <, <=  "qtconsole>=4.5"          4.5.0 or higher
               qtconsole"<4.6"          less than 4.6.0

OR            "qtconsole=4.5.1|4.5.2"   4.5.1, 4.5.2
AND           "qtconsole>=4.3.1,<4.6"   4.3.1 or higher but less than 4.6.0

Potion of the above information credit to Conda Cheat Sheet

Tested on conda 4.7.12

Answered By: Jonathan L
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