How to Add Incremental Numbers to a New Column Using Pandas


I have this simplified dataframe:

ID   Fruit
F1   Apple
F2   Orange
F3   Banana 

I want to add in the begining of the dataframe a new column df['New_ID'] which has the number 880 that increments by one in each row.

The output should be simply like:

New_ID   ID   Fruit
880      F1   Apple
881      F2   Orange
882      F3   Banana  

I tried the following:

df['New_ID'] = ["880"] # but I want to do this without assigning it the list of numbers literally

Any idea how to solve this?


Asked By: MEhsan




df = df.reset_index()
df = df.rename(columns={"index":"New_ID"})
df['New_ID'] = df.index + 880
Answered By: Kartik
df.insert(0, 'New_ID', range(880, 880 + len(df)))

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Answered By: piRSquared
df = df.assign(New_ID=[880 + i for i in xrange(len(df))])[['New_ID'] + df.columns.tolist()]

>>> df
   New_ID  ID   Fruit
0     880  F1   Apple
1     881  F2  Orange
2     882  F3  Banana
Answered By: Alexander

You can also simply set your pandas column as list of id values with length same as of dataframe.

df['New_ID'] = range(880, 880+len(df))

Reference docs :

Answered By: naman
import numpy as np

Answered By: Bahati Felix

For a pandas DataFrame whose index starts at 0 and increments by 1 (i.e., the default values) you can just do:

df.insert(0, 'New_ID', df.index + 880)

if you want New_ID to be the first column. Otherwise this if you don’t mind it being at the end:

df['New_ID'] = df.index + 880
Answered By: snark

I used the follow code:

df.insert(0, 'id', range(1, 1 + len(df)))

So my "id" columns is:

1, 2, 3, …

Answered By: Joselin Ceron
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