Change Value of a Dataframe Column Based on a Filter


I have a Dataframe that consists of 2 columns:

  1. “Time Spent on website”
  2. “Dollars spent on the website”

I want to perform some classification analysis on this dataset and I only care whether a user made a purchase or not. So I want to run through the “Dollars spent on the website” column and transform the value to “1” if the user spent over $0.00 and have the value be “0” if the user spent nothing.

What is the proper way to do this with a pandas dataframe?

Asked By: anc1revv



df['purchase'] = 0
df.loc[df['dollars_spent'] > 0, 'purchase'] = 1


df['purchase'] = df['dollars_spent'].apply(lambda x: 1 if x > 0 else 0)
Answered By: SO44

You can also use NumPy‘s where:

import numpy as np
df['Purchase'] = np.where(df['Dollars spent on the website'] > 0, 1, 0)

If the condition is True, 1 is returned else 0.

Answered By: rachwa
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