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I currently have a program setup to run two different ways. One way is to run over a specified time frame, and the other way is to run everyday. However, when I have it set to run everyday, I only want it to continue if its a business day. Now from research I’ve seen that you can iterate through business days using Pandas like so:

start = 2016-08-05
end ="%Y-%m-%d")

for day in pd.bdate_range(start, end):
    print str(day) + " is a business Day"

And this works great when I run my program over the specified period.

But when I want to have the program ran everyday, I can’t quite figure out how to test one specific day for being a business day. Basically I want to do something like this:

start ="%Y-%m-%d")
end ="%Y-%m-%d")

if start == end:
    if not Bdate(start)
        print "Not a Business day"

I know I could probably setup pd.bdate_range() to do what I’m looking for, but in my opinion would be sloppy and not intuitive. I feel like there must be a simpler solution to this. Any advice?

Asked By: Justin



Since len of pd.bdate_range() tells us how many business days are in the supplied range of dates, we can cast this to a bool to determine if a range of a single day is a business day:

def is_business_day(date):
    return bool(len(pd.bdate_range(date, date)))
Answered By: Zev Averbach

Please check this module – bdateutil

Please check the below code using above module :

from bdateutil import isbday
from datetime import datetime,date
now =
val = isbday(date(now.year, now.month,
print val

Please let me know if this help.

Answered By: Dinesh Pundkar

Using at least numpy version 1.7.0., try np.is_busday()

start ="%Y-%m-%d")
end ="%Y-%m-%d")

if start == end:

    # added code here
    if not np.is_busday(start):
        print("Not a Business day")
Answered By: Ian Thompson

for me I use an old trick from Excel:

from pandas.tseries.offsets import Day, BDay

def is_bday(x):
    return x == x + Day(1) - BDay(1)
Answered By: gioxc88

I just found a different solution to this. This might be interesting if you want to find the next business day if your date is not a business day.

   def is_business_day(date):
       return date == date + 0*bdays

adding 0*bdays rolls forward on the next business day including the current one. Unfortunately, subtracting 0*bdays does not roll backwards (at least with the pandas version I was using).

Moreover, due to this behavior, you also need to be careful since not necessarily
0*bdays + 1*bdays != 1*bdays

Answered By: Quickbeam2k1

There is builtin method to do this in pandas.

For Pandas version <1.0

from pandas.tseries.offsets import Day, BDay
from datetime import datetime

is_business_day = bday.onOffset(datetime(2020,8,20))

For Pandas version >=1.1.0 (onOffset is deprecated)

from pandas.tseries.offsets import Day, BDay
from datetime import datetime

is_business_day = bday.is_on_offset(datetime(2020,8,20))
Answered By: Raghava Dhanya
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