How to print out 'Live' mouse position coordinates using pyautogui?


I used lots of different source codes, and even copied and pasted but I keep getting random symbols that shift when i move my mouse over them
here is my code…

import pyautogui, time, sys
print('Press Ctrl-C to quit.')
    while True:
        CurserPos = pyautogui.position()
        print('b' * len(CurserPos), end='r')

I will show the output as an image.
I am rather new to Python and would really appreciate some expert advice.

Asked By: SovietStormSam



Code :

import pyautogui

Here is some output :

Press Ctrl-C to quit.
X:  0 Y: 1143 RGB: ( 38,  38,  38)

Here is the video where this is being demonstrated

Answered By: Joji Antony

Use pyautogui.displayMousePosition() instead of pyautogui.position()

Answered By: Ax Vex

This code will print the live position of your mouse after every one second.

import pyautogui as py #Import pyautogui
import time #Import Time

while True: #Start loop
    print (py.position())

Pyautogui can programmatically control the mouse & keyboard.

More information about it can be found here

Answered By: Henul

If you want the coordinates of displayMousePosition stored in a variable, try this:

import pyautogui

def getMousePosition():
    coords = pyautogui.position()
    return coords
Answered By: Zack Plauché
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