How to install local packages using pip as part of a docker build?


I’ve got a package that I want to build into a docker image which depends on an adjacent package on my system.

My requirements.txt looks something like this:

-e ../other_module

When I call pip install -r requirements.txt in a virtualenv this works fine. However, if I call this in a Dockerfile, e.g.:

ADD requirements.txt /app
RUN pip install -r requirements.txt

and run using docker build . I get an error saying the following:

../other_module should either be a path to a local project or a VCS url beginning with svn+, git+, hg+, or bzr+

What, if anything, am I doing wrong here?

Asked By: AnjoMan



First of all, you need to add other_module to your Docker image. Without that, the pip install command will not be able to find it. However you cant ADD a directory that is outside the directory of the Dockerfile according to the documentation:

The path must be inside the context of the build; you cannot ADD
../something /something, because the first step of a docker build is
to send the context directory (and subdirectories) to the docker

So you have to move the other_module directory into the same directory as your Dockerfile, i.e. your structure should look something like

├── Dockerfile
├── requirements.txt
├── other_module
|   ├──
|   └──

then add the following to the dockerfile:

ADD /other_module /other_module
ADD requirements.txt /app
RUN pip install -r requirements.txt

The WORKDIR command moves you into /app so the next step, RUN pip install... will be executed inside the /app directory. And from the app-directory, you now have the directory../other_module avaliable

Answered By: Cleared
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