Error found when installing pip on Windows


I am trying to install pip for python in windows 7. I installed it and I added “C:PythonXXScripts” to the windows path variables. But, when I typed “pip” in the command prompt it shows that pip is not recognized as an internal or external command.

Is there any way to figure out this problem?

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I know it’s hustle to install pip in Windows. With latest Python you don’t need to install pip, it’s now prebuilt and you can access it by python -m pip

Answered By: ppc

if you have already installed python of whatever version you can skip ahead to step 4 or step 6.

  1. download and install python default installation is c:python27
  2. Create a new System Variable named Variable name: PYTHON_HOME and Variable
    value: c:Python27 (or whatever your installation path was)
  3. Find the system variable called Path and click Edit
  4. Add the following text to the end of the Variable value:;%PYTHON_HOME%;%PYTHON_HOME%Scripts
  5. Verify a successful environment variable update by opening a new command prompt window (important!) and typing python from any location
  6. Download to a folder on your computer. Open a command prompt window and navigate to the folder containing Then run python This will install pip.
  7. verify your pip installation: open command prompt and type ‘pip freeze’
    without quotation and if it shows like




    then you are successful.
    if above steps failed than update environment variable.
    go to Control PanelSystem and SecuritySystem
    select advance system setting then select environment variable and add c:python27scripts to path variable then it will be fine.
    i have tested it successfully on my pc.

Answered By: Bibek Ghimire

install pip using run file.
Hope it helps you. see here
install pip 100% working

Answered By: JiangVux
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