How to create a Conda environment based on a YAML file?


I am working on a online course and the instructors have asked me to create a Conda environment, and they have provided a YAML file to provide the library and package requirements for the Conda package.

However, I am unable to find a way to create the environment using the YAML file.

Asked By: Shubham Pandey



conda env create takes an optional flag --file:

-f FILE, –file FILE environment definition file (default: environment.yml)

So do:

conda env create --file=myfile.yaml

Of course, replace =myfile.yaml with your YAML file name.

Answered By: Mike Müller


conda env create --name NAME --file FILE

where FILE is the YAML file and NAME is what you want to name the environment.

(The accepted answer used to suggest conda create, but that only works on the output of conda list --explicit, not on Conda environment YAML files.)

Answered By: ws_e_c421
conda env create --file=dand-env-win.yaml

worked well for me where my file name was dand-env-win.yaml for a course on the Internet.

Answered By: Enamul Hassan
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