ValueError «You are trying to use the old GPU back-end» when importing keras


I’m using Keras with the Theano backend on Ubuntu 16.04. My setup has been working without issues, however, all of a sudden I get the following error when I import Keras (import keras):

ValueError: You are trying to use the old GPU back-end. It was removed from Theano. Use device=cuda* now. See for more information.

How do I resolve this?

Asked By: Tshilidzi Mudau



You should change (or add) your environmental variable called THEANO_FLAGS. If you set the variable so that it contains device=cuda instead of device=gpu the error will be gone.

Also set the floating point precision to float32 when working on the GPU as that is usually much faster (THEANO_FLAGS='device=cuda,floatX=float32').

More info on this variable can be found here and here.

Answered By: Wilmar van Ommeren

for me no gpu,use cpu,work :

export THEANO_FLAGS='mode=FAST_RUN,device=cpu,floatX=float32'
Answered By: user1968798

go to .theanorc file and change device=gpu to device=cuda

Answered By: chaymae bentaleb