TypeError: Cannot concatenate 'str' and 'int'


I’m starting with some basic stuff to get a feeling for how to make a text based game. After creating the .py file in my IDE, I open terminal and use bash to open the .py file.

hpGanon = 10
damage = input("How much damage did you do with the Master Sword?")
hpGanon = hpGanon - damage
print("Ganon now has " + hpGanon + "hit points.")

At the end when I want it to print, bash tells me it cannot concatenate ‘str’ and ‘int’ objects.
I tried following what was said in the following post, Python: TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'int' objects
But I’m not getting the result I want.

I just want it to say: "Ganon now has x hit points."
Any ideas?

Asked By: aalink



I’m not entirely sure (I have never coded with Python before) but it seems that the hpGanon variable is an integer and not a string, so it cannot put the two together. To convert an integer to a string in Python (I searched this up :P), you need to do str(integer).

So, to implement this in your example, try something like this:

print("Ganon now has " + str(hpGanon) + "hit points.")

Answered By: aimorris

You can do your mathematical calculation and convert it into string, for example

a = x*3

and now if you call it in your print statement, it will work.

a = x*3
print("3 x {} = {} ").format(x,a)
Answered By: Kaamil Mirza
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