Python: String Formatter Align center


print('%24s' % "MyString")     # prints right aligned
print('%-24s' % "MyString")    # prints left aligned

How do I print it in the center? Is there a quick way to do this?

I don’t want the text to be in the center of my screen. I want it to be in the center of that 24 spaces. If I have to do it manually, what is the math behind adding the same no. of spaces before and after the text?


You can use method.

In your case, it will be: "MyString".center(24)

Answered By: Vlad Sydorenko

Use the new-style format method instead of the old-style % operator, which doesn’t have the centering functionality:

Answered By: Błotosmętek

Ideally you would use .format().

Resource that explains center. along with others here

Answered By: Kyle Becker

Python 3:

You can follow the below syntax:,fillChar)

In your example:

"MyString".center(24," ")
Answered By: Dipen Gajjar