How to remove all of the data in a table using Django


I have two questions:

  1. How do I delete a table in Django?
  2. How do I remove all the data in the table?

This is my code, which is not successful:

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Inside a manager:

def delete_everything(self):

def drop_table(self):
    cursor = connection.cursor()
    table_name = self.model._meta.db_table
    sql = "DROP TABLE %s;" % (table_name, )
Answered By: Tiago

As per the latest documentation, the correct method to call would be:

Answered By: Ash

If you want to remove all the data from all your tables, you might want to try the command python flush. This will delete all of the data in your tables, but the tables themselves will still exist.

See more here:

Answered By: user2817997

There are a couple of ways:

To delete it directly:


To delete it from an instance:

instance1 = SomeModel.objects.get(id=id)

// don’t use same name

Answered By: Ashish Gupta

Django 1.11 delete all objects from a database table –

Entry.objects.all().delete()  ## Entry being Model Name. 

Refer the Official Django documentation here as quoted below –

Note that delete() is the only QuerySet method that is not exposed on a Manager itself. This is a safety mechanism to prevent you from accidentally requesting Entry.objects.delete(), and deleting all the entries. If you do want to delete all the objects, then you have to explicitly request a complete query set:

I myself tried the code snippet seen below within my

    # for deleting model objects
    from django.db import connection
    def del_model_4(self):
        with connection.schema_editor() as schema_editor:

and within my i have a view that simply renders a html page …

  def data_del_4(request):
      obj = calc_2() ## 
      return render(request, 'dc_dash/data_del_4.html') ## 

it ended deleting all entries from – model == model_4 , but now i get to see a Error screen within Admin console when i try to asceratin that all objects of model_4 have been deleted …

ProgrammingError at /admin/dc_dash/model_4/
relation "dc_dash_model_4" does not exist
LINE 1: SELECT COUNT(*) AS "__count" FROM "dc_dash_model_4" 

Do consider that – if we do not go to the ADMIN Console and try and see objects of the model – which have been already deleted – the Django app works just as intended.

django admin screencapture

Answered By: Rohit Dhankar

Using shell,

1) For Deleting the table:

python dbshell
>> DROP TABLE {app_name}_{model_name}

2) For removing all data from table:

python shell
>> from {app_name}.models import {model_name}
>> {model_name}.objects.all().delete()
Answered By: Kumar Mangalam

You can use the Django-Truncate library to delete all data of a table without destroying the table structure.


  1. First, install django-turncate using your terminal/command line:
pip install django-truncate
  1. Add "django_truncate" to your INSTALLED_APPS in the file:
  1. Use this command in your terminal to delete all data of the table from the app.
python truncate --apps app_name --models table_name
Answered By: Mahbub Ul Islam

Use this syntax to delete the rows also to redirect to the homepage (To avoid page load errors) :

def delete_all(self):
  return HttpResponseRedirect('/')
Answered By: Arghya Bhattacharya

Actually, I un-register the model (the table data that I want to delete) from the Then I migrate.

python makemigrations
python migrate
python runserver

Then I register the model in the and do migration again. 🙂 Now, the table is empty. This might not be a professional answer, but it helped me.

Answered By: May
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