How to install Python using Windows Command Prompt


Is it possible to install Python from cmd on Windows? If so, how to do it?

Asked By: madasionka



Installing Without UI: All of the options available in the installer UI
can also be specified from the command line, allowing scripted
installers to replicate an installation on many machines without user
interaction. These options may also be set without suppressing the UI
in order to change some of the defaults.

To completely hide the installer UI and install Python silently, pass
the /quiet option. To skip past the user interaction but still display
progress and errors, pass the /passive option. The /uninstall option
may be passed to immediately begin removing Python – no prompt will be

All other options are passed as name=value, where the value is usually
0 to disable a feature, 1 to enable a feature, or a path.

Answered By: Thomas Munk

Assuming that you have python-installer.exe file you can run in in /passive mode in administrator window. Without administrator privileges you will be prompted

Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?

Powershell example could be:

$installer = "C:/tmp/python-3.7.6-amd64.exe"
& $installer /passive InstallAllUsers=1 PrependPath=1 Include_test=0
Answered By: J.Wincewicz

For Windows

I was unable to find a way to Download python using just CMD but if you have python.exe in your system then you can use the below Method to install it (you can also make .bat file to automate it.)

  1. Download the python.exe file on your computer from the official site.

  2. Open CMD and change Your directory to the path where you have python.exe

  3. Past this code in your Command prompt make sure to change the name with your file version In the below code(e.g python-3.8.5.exe)

python-3.6.0.exe /quiet InstallAllUsers=1 PrependPath=1 Include_test=0

It will also set the path Variables.

Answered By: Khan Saad

I have used windows powershell to achieve this..

  1. Download Python Exe File..Feel free to edit ‘URI’ for the updated version of python & outFile for your preferred windows location

    Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing -Uri ‘’ -OutFile ‘c:/veera/python-3.11.0-amd64.exe’

  2. install python via command prompt

    .python-3.11.0-amd64.exe /quiet InstallAllUsers=1 PrependPath=1 Include_test=0

  3. set python location

    setx /M path "%path%;C:Program FilesPython311"

    $env:PATH =$env:PATH+";C:Program FilesPython311"

you’re good to use python from command now 🙂

Answered By: Veeramani Natarajan