Pandas – add value at specific iloc into new dataframe column


I have a large dataframe containing lots of columns.

For each row/index in the dataframe I do some operations, read in some ancilliary ata, etc and get a new value. Is there a way to add that new value into a new column at the correct row/index?

I can use .assign to add a new column but as I’m looping over the rows and only generating the data to add for one value at a time (generating it is quite involved). When it’s generated I’d like to immediately add it to the dataframe rather than waiting until I’ve generated the entire series.

This doesn’t work and gives a key error:


Do I need to initialise the column first or something?

Asked By: Rob



If you have a dataframe like

import pandas as pd
df = pd.DataFrame(data={'X': [1.5, 6.777, 2.444,], 'Y': [1.111,, 8.77,], 'Z': [5.0, 2.333, 10, 6.6666]})

Instead of iloc,you can use .loc with row index and column name like df.loc[row_indexer,column_indexer]=value

df.loc[[0,3],'Z'] = 3


       X      Y       Z
0  1.500  1.111   3.000
1  6.777    NaN   2.333
2  2.444  8.770  10.000
3    NaN    NaN   3.000
Answered By: Bharath M Shetty

There are two steps to created & populate a new column using only a row number…
(in this approach iloc is not used)

First, get the row index value by using the row number

rowIndex = df.index[someRowNumber]

Then, use row index with the loc function to reference the specific row and add the new column / value

df.loc[rowIndex, 'New Column Title'] = "some value"

These two steps can be combine into one line as follows

df.loc[df.index[someRowNumber], 'New Column Title'] = "some value"
Answered By: RumbleFish

You can just use pandas built in function

You can chose a list on several index or a single index and column[4, 'B'] = 10
Answered By: Siatta Adams

If you want to add values to certain rows in a new column, depending on values in other cells of the dataframe you can do it like this:

import pandas as pd
df = pd.DataFrame(data={"A":[1,1,2,2], "B":[1,2,3,4]})

Add value in a new column based on the values in cloumn "A":

df.loc[df.A == 2, "C"] = 100

This creates the column "C" and addes the value 100 to it, if column "A" is 2.


   A  B  C
0  1  1  NaN
1  1  2  NaN
2  2  3  100
3  2  4  100

It is not necessary to initialise the column first.

Answered By: Jaro
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