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Is it possible to enlarge the tiny check box of the Checkbutton object? The size is out of proportion when increasing the text size. I searched through the following link (Checkbutton) and can’t find anything about the actual size of the box. Thank you for your help.

Asked By: Bonavia



It is not possible to change the size of the checkbutton, but you can supply your own images. So, one solution is to create your own images at various sizes.

Answered By: Bryan Oakley

3 years late, but, now it’s possible. firstly, you need to find out what type the checkbutton is. we do that in the following way:

# making checkbutton
option_var = tk.StringVar()

checkbutton = ttk.Checkbutton(text='abc', variable = option_var, onvalue'hi', offvalue='bye')


# checking checkbutton style

in most cases, the checkbutton style would be ‘TCheckbutton’.
all that’s left is to configure it

style = ttk.Style(root)
style.configure('TCheckbutton', font = 11)
Answered By: Red
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