How to edit Flask-plus default swagger-UI text


I am developing a simple rest api that only has two Get methods so far. It’s working fine etc, and looks pretty great when I navigate to the url thanks to the built in swagger documentation.

However I do not actually see a yaml or json file anywhere. How do I change the title and default values as shown in the screenshot? Hopefully it’s possible without making a whole separate yaml or json doc?

I don’t actually want to change the design at all. I only want to edit the text a little.

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Asked By: user10364045



You set the title when creating the API:

api = Api(app, version='1.0', title='Your API Name', 
          description='A more complete description')

You set the namespace to something other than default by creating a namespace:

ns = api.namespace('not-default', 
                   description='Whatever your namespace is')

Then you create your routes in the appropriate namespace:


This is a handy way to group your APIs. See the Full Example for help if needed.

Answered By: dmulter

I’ve found one more solution to rename this defaul namespace:

app = Flask(__name__)    
api = Api(app, default="Your text", default_label="Your text for description")

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Answered By: Vitalii Mytenko