How to list all existing loggers using python.logging module


Is there a way in Python to get a list of all defined loggers?

I mean, does something exist such as logging.getAllLoggers() which would return a list of Logger objects?

I searched the python.logging documentation but couldn’t find such a method.

Asked By: mistiru



Loggers are held in a hierarchy by a logging.Manager instance. You can interrogate the manager on the root logger for the loggers it knows about.

import logging

loggers = [logging.getLogger(name) for name in logging.root.manager.loggerDict]

Calling getLogger(name) ensures that any placeholder loggers held by loggerDict are fully initialized when they are added to the list.

Answered By: Will Keeling

If you want to include RootLogger in the list as well, do something similar to:

import logging
loggers = [logging.getLogger()]  # get the root logger
loggers = loggers + [logging.getLogger(name) for name in logging.root.manager.loggerDict]

tested on Python 3.7.4

Answered By: Jonathan L

If you are trying to examine the hierarchy of logging objects, I’d recommend using logging_tree.printout():

import logging_tree


Or, if you want to have the logging tree accessible to your code:


See for more info.

Answered By: stephentgrammer
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