How do I convert timestamp to unix format with pyspark


I have a dataframe with timestamp values, like this one: 2018-02-15T11:39:13.000Z
I want to have it in UNIX format, using Pyspark.

I tried something like data = datasample.withColumn('timestamp_cast', datasample['timestamp'].cast('date')) but I lose a lot of information, since I only get day/month/year when I have milliseconds information in my source.

Result: 2018-02-15

Any idea to get unix format and keep precision? Thank you!

Asked By: Ticoincoin



You can use the built in unix_timestamp the following ways:

from pyspark.sql.functions import unix_timestamp
df = df.withColumn('unix', unix_timestamp('timestamp'))


df = df.selectExpr('unix_timestamp(timestamp)')
Answered By: Tanjin

Another possible method is to directly cast the column to integer

df.withColumn('timestamp_unix', F.col('timestamp').cast('int'))
Answered By: Ric S