Select columns which contains a string in pyspark


I have a pyspark dataframe with a lot of columns, and I want to select the ones which contain a certain string, and others. For example:

df.columns = ['hello_world','hello_country','hello_everyone','byebye','ciao','index']

I want to select the ones which contains ‘hello’ and also the column named ‘index’, so the result will be:


I want something like'hello*','index')

Thanks in advance 🙂


I found a quick way to solve it, so I answered myself, Q&A style. If someone sees my solution and can provide a better one I will appreciate it

Asked By: Manrique



This sample code does what you want:

hello_cols = []

for col in df.columns:
  if(('index' in col) or ('hello' in col)):
Answered By: Ali AzG

I’ve found a quick and elegant way:

selected = [s for s in df.columns if 'hello' in s]+['index']

With this solution i can add more columns I want without editing the for loop that Ali AzG suggested.

Answered By: Manrique

You can also try to use colRegex function introduced in Spark 2.3, where in you can specify the column name as regular expression as well.

Answered By: Neeraj Bhadani

i used Manrique answer and improvised.

sel_cols = [i for i in df.columns if i.startswith("colName")]

df =‘*’, *(F.col(x).alias(‘rename_text’ + x) for x in sel_cols))

Answered By: Arun Mohan
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