Convert ipynb notebook to HTML in Google Colab


I have a Google Colaboratory Notebook for Data Analysis that I want to output as a HTML file as currently not everything loads within the Colab environment such as large Folium Heatmaps. Is it possible to export the notebook as a html file as opposed to the ipynb and py options?

Asked By: spaghetticode



Google Colab doesn’t currently have such a feature as a built-in.

Your best route is to first download it through File > Download .ipynb and then use the standard tool for Jupyter Notebook conversion, nbconvert:

jupyter nbconvert --to html notebook.ipynb

If you use an Anaconda Python distribution, nbconvert is most likely already installed. If not, refer to what is described in their install instructions to be able to convert:

pip install nbconvert
# OR
conda install nbconvert
Answered By: Julio Cezar Silva

Method using Google Colab only

  1. Download your .ipynb file

You can actually do it using only Google Colab. File -> Download .ipynb

  1. Reupload it so Colab can see it

Click on the Files icon on the far left:

enter image description here

Then Upload to session storage:

enter image description here

Select & upload your .ipynb file you just downloaded.

  1. Get your file’s path

then obtain its path (you might need to hit the Refresh button before your file shows up):

enter image description here

  1. Conversion using %%shell

Then, just as in Julio‘s answer, execute in a Colab cell:

jupyter nbconvert --to html /PATH/TO/YOUR/NOTEBOOKFILE.ipynb

The %%shell lets the interpreter know that the following script is interpreted as shell. Don’t write anything before %%shell, use a distinct cell for this.

The form of /PATH/TO/YOUR/NOTEBOOKFILE.ipynb will be something like /content/lightaberration3.ipynb.

  1. Your file is ready

Might need to click Refresh again, but your notebook.html will appear in the files, so you can download it:

enter image description here

The great thing about this is that nothing python-related has to be installed on your computer, not conda, not pip, only a browser.

Answered By: zabop

I tried the approach above but couldn’t get it to work – for small jobs I log onto , upload the downloaded ipynb file from Google Colab and then I opened the file, from here you will have the functionality in to download as html or whatever other format you require. It took the pain out of trying to get it to work.

Answered By: Analyst

to continue with "Method using only Google Colab"
" %%shell jupyter nbconvert –to html /PATH/TO/YOUR/NOTEBOOKFILE.ipynb" – as given

the following worked for me – type the following in Google Colab
!pip install nbconvert

%shell jupyter nbconvert –to html /content/testfile.ipynb
(instead of using %%shell in Google Colab, use %shell – this way, it worked for me)

Answered By: Riphath
  1. Download your notebook and upload it back to the colab
  2. Replace PATH_TO_THE_NOTEBOOK_IN_COLAB in the below command to the location of the reuploaded notebook.
  3. Use this command to download the notebook as html => !jupyter nbconvert --to html PATH_TO_THE_NOTEBOOK_IN_COLAB.ipynb.
Answered By: Sanjay S