Filter data frame based on index value in Python


I have a data frame df with thousands of rows, and a sample is this:

    Index           A   B   C   D   E   F               
    EX-A.1.A.B-1A  18   7   2   2   9   8       
    EX-A.1.A.B-1C   0   0   0   0   0   0       
    EX-A.1.A.B-4A   6   4   8   6   1   1   
    EX-A.1.A.B-4C   0   0   0   0   0   0   
    EX-A.1.A.B-4F   0   0   0   0   0   0

I also have a list my_list = ["EX-A.1.A.B-1A","EX-A.1.A.B-4A","EX-A.1.A.B-4F"]

and I want to filter the df based on this list, therefore I want to keep the rows for which the index value is in the list my_list.

I tried this in order to create a new filtered df: Filter_df = df[df.index in my_list] and I get this error:

ValueError: The truth value of an array with more than one element is ambiguous. Use a.any() or a.all().

Any ideas on how I could do this? Thanks

Asked By: RGRGRG



try this:

Filter_df  = df[df.index.isin(my_list)]
Answered By: Ala Tarighati
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