AttributeError: module 'guidedlda' has no attribute '_guidedlda'


I am using the GuidedLDA library which is a modified version of LDA on my Windows 10 machine with Python 3.6 in Jupyter Notebook. The packages have the following structure:
Pacakge Folder screenshot

Since the _guidedlda.c file is written in Cython, I am getting the following error in the import stage itself.

AttributeError: module 'guidedlda' has no attribute '_guidedlda'

Would be great if anyone could help.

Asked By: Hrishikesh Gadekar



Found a fix (not really a fix, just a way around) myself:

Use Microsoft Visual Studio Code and not Jupyter/PyCharm or any other editors. VS Code supports C and C++ build tools well.

I would recommend creating a new Python 3.6 virtual environment in VS Code solely for using this guidedLDA library.

Answered By: Hrishikesh Gadekar