Tensorflow ValueError: Unexpected result of `train_function` (Empty logs). Please use `Model.compile(…, run_eagerly=True)


I’m trying to make a face detection model with CNN. I used codes that I made for number detection. When I use number images, program work. But, when I use my face images, I get an error that is:

Unexpected result of train_function (Empty logs). Please use Model.compile(..., run_eagerly=True), or tf.config.run_functions_eagerly(True) for more information of where went wrong, or file a issue/bug to tf.keras.

Notebook link: https://github.com/AkifCanSonmez/ImageProccessingCourse/blob/main/CNN/Number%20Classification%20Project/Building%20Model/Building%20Number%20Classification%20Model%20with%20Keras.ipynb

Number image:a number image

Face image:a face image

Asked By: Canputer



Your input images have a shape of (32,32,3) whil you first conv2D layer sets the inputshape to (32,32,1). Most likely your numbers have only 1 channel since they are grayscale, while you face images have 3 color channels.


model.add(tf.keras.layers.Conv2D(input_shape = (32,32,1), filters = 8, kernel_size = (5,5),activation = "relu", padding = "same" ))


model.add(tf.keras.layers.Conv2D(input_shape = (32,32,3), filters = 8, kernel_size = (5,5),activation = "relu", padding = "same" ))
Answered By: Sascha Kirch

Also ensure that you declared initialised all the parameters in the compile functions , i had the exact error when i forgot to initialise batch_size in the fit function after the compile function.

Answered By: Promise Ekpo Osaine