Can't get function within object to display value


hey guys I’m currently learning oop but I’m having a bit of trouble with accessing values which I create or add to a object, currently I can’t work out how to get the value stored within getAge

from datetime import date

class Person:
def __init__(self, name, dob, cob): = name
    self.dob = dob
    self.cob = cob

def setName(self, name): = name

def getAge(self):
    today =
    birthYear = int(self.dob[6:]) + 2000
    age = today.year - birthYear
    return age


p1 = Person('Jane', '22/06/02', 'England')


Asked By: Corse



I don’t understand why you print Person.getAge, it’s a method of Person.

getAge is a method and not static not, so you need use p1.getAge() istead of Person.getAge to get the age value.

Answered By: YD Zhou

The method getAge only makes sense when using it on an instance of the Person ss. In your case print(p1.getAge()) to activate the method.

You could also add the @propery decorator above the method to avoid the parentheses as the method doesn’t require any arguments.

Answered By: Johan Tuls
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