Not able to assign values to a column. Bag_of_words


I am trying to assign values to a column in my pandas df, however I am getting a blank column, here’s the code:

df['Bag_of_words'] = ''
columns = ['genre', 'director', 'actors', 'key_words']

for index, row in df.iterrows():
    words = ''
    for col in columns:
        words += ' '.join(row[col]) + ' '
    row['Bag_of_words'] =words

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The output is an empty column, can someone please help me understand what is happening here, as I am not getting any errors.

Asked By: ira bajpai



from the iterrows documentation:

  1. You should never modify something you are iterating over.
    This is not guaranteed to work in all cases. Depending on the
    data types, the iterator returns a copy and not a view, and writing
    to it will have no effect.

So you do row[...] = ... and it turns out row is a copy and that’s not affecting the original rows.

iterrows is frowned upon anyway, so you can instead

  • join each words list per row to become strings

  • aggregate those strings with " ".join row-wise

  • add space to them

df["Bag_of_words"] = (df[columns].apply(lambda col: col.str.join(" "))
                                 .agg(" ".join, axis="columns")
                                 .add(" "))
Answered By: Mustafa Aydın

Instead of:

row['Bag_of_words'] =words

Use:[index,'Bag_of_words'] = words
Answered By: gtomer
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