Dropping mutliple columns with specific text of a dataframe within a list of dataframes python


I have a list of dataframes and each dataframe has columns that contains columns names such as "Unnamed 1", "Unnamed 2" etc

I want to drop all columns that contain the name "Unnamed" from each dataframe in the list of dataframes.

df_all = [df1,df2,df3]
df_all2 = []

for df in df_all:
    df = df[df.columns.drop(list(df.filter(regex='Unnamed')))]
    df_all2 = df.append
    df_all = df_all2 

This works, however, is there a more succinct method?

Asked By: Spooked



There is a better way by using regex column filter with negative lookahead

df_all = [df.filter(regex=r'^(?!Unnamed)') for df in df_all]
Answered By: Shubham Sharma
for df in df_all:
    df.drop(df.columns[df.columns.str.contains('Unnamed:')], 1, inplace=True)
Answered By: Arvindh
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