What is monitor parameter in python scapy?


from scapy.all import *

What is monitor parameter in scapy and why my wifi adapter get disconnected every time i run the script ?

Asked By: Tarek



The monitor argument uses tells your WiFi card to use monitor mode. In monitor mode, your WiFi card receives all wireless packets, not just the ones it is supposed to receive. This is very useful for sniffing.

A consequence of this is that if you’re receiving all packets, then you don’t know which packets are for you. Because of this, you essentially loose internet access from that card until monitor mode is turned off (which is when scapy exits).

So, your WiFi card isn’t actually disconnecting, it is switching to monitor mode. However the effects are the same. The only solution is to have two network interfaces (one for scapy and one for internet access). This can be done with another WiFi card or an ethernet connection.

Answered By: Michael M.
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