Stuck while calling functions in a while loop?


My program is supposed to record information for athletes in a race. When I select the option to add a score for an athlete, it calls the input_scores function, but then it won’t get out of it? Also, for option "b", I want it to display the message that there’s no record available if the list athlete_results is empty. I hope I’ve explained things ok, I am new to programming so any help is appreciated!

menu = """Choose an option:
'a' = Input score
'b' = Display results
'c' = quit

athlete_results = []
choice = input(menu).strip().lower()

def input_scores():
    name = input("Name: ").strip().title()
    country = input("Country: ").strip().title()
    time = input("Time: ").strip()

        "Name": name,
        "Country": country,
        "Time:": time

def display_results():
    for athlete in athlete_results:
        name, country, time = athlete_results.values
        print(f"{name}| {country}| {time}s")

while True:
    if choice == 'a':
    elif choice == 'b':
        if athlete_results:
    elif choice == 'c':
        print("Invalid option!!!")
Asked By: CocoPun



Move the line

choice = input(menu).strip().lower() 

to a line directly after while True:

while True:
    choice = input(menu).strip().lower() 

in order to have a chance to change the option or quit.

Answered By: Claudio
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